Cooperate! - Community Voting Platform

Communication and community building are essential for an interconnected economy. Our community DAO creates a comprehensive platform for organization, ideation, and discussion. We provide a space for users and developers alike to create industry standards for a sustainable economy. To create inclusive decentralized finance solutions for people, we believe is necessary to incorporate users’ input proactively into the decision-making process. Through this DAO, we will connect people to programs aiming to help meet basic needs in Latin America, increase the use of sustainable technologies and practices, and boost local economies through the use of anchored assets.
Our DAO:
  • Creates governance standards for its members
  • Governance Proposals are voted democratically on-chain
  • Follows a set of values determined by its mission and vision
  • Maintains an open-source mentality
  • Participates in the research and development of DeFi products on the Stellar Network
  • Administers its governance token supply
  • Connects people in the crypto sphere from all around the world to adoption projects happening in LATAM